You be my judge

As Rabindranath Tagore says,

Aamar bichar tumi karo tabo aapon kore (You judge me as your own)

Diner karmo aaninu tomar bicharghar-e (I bring to you my doings throughout the day)

Jodi puja kori miccha debota-r, shir-e dhori jodi mithya aachar (If I pray to false deities, or if I uphold false traditions)

Jodi paapmon-e kori abichar, kaharo pore, (If I falsely judge someone)

Amar bichar tumi karo, aapon kore (You be judge me as your own)

Lobhe jodi kaar-e diye thaki dukho, bhoye hoye thaki dharmo-bimukh (If greed makes me give pain to others, if fear makes me forget my religion)

Porer piraye peye thaki shukho, khanek tore (If I find pleasure in others pain, even if momentarily)

Tumi je jiban diyecho aamae, kalonko jodi diye thaki taye (This life that you have given me, if I have ever tainted it)

Aponi binash kori aponaye, mohe-r bhore (I be the cause of my destruction, blinded by

Amar bichar tumi karo, aapon kore (You judge me, as your own)


This song means a lot to me. As the days go by, I find Tagore’s words increasingly relevant to me, my life, and the world around me.

This song in particular holds deeper meaning for me. The line, bhoye hoye thaki dharmo-bimukh (if fear makes me forget my religion), makes me ask what religion is? It makes me think, is it only Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, or is it something beyond that? Is it something that is bound by scriptures or dialogues? Or is it something to be felt? Something that makes me compassionate to the pain and suffering of others. Something that makes me speak the truth and stand for the truth. Something that has not been painted by saints and prophets and controlled by priests. Truth, compassion and humanity should be my religion. Why would a religion force itself on others? Why can people not choose to follow what their heart says? Why do we have to fear repercussions of speaking the truth?


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